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Alerte Congolaise pour l'Environnement et les Droits de l'Homme

The ACEDH is the very first Civil Society Organization in North Kivu to think of setting up a Green Lawyers Task Force to ensure a legal defense in favor of the fauna and flora saved in collaboration with the Virunga National Park.

  • The fight against environmental crimes;
  • Transparency in natural resource governance;
  • Democratizing the climate debate and land reforms;
  • Assistance to environmental land rights advocates, strategic litigation on nature protection;
  • Access to justice;
  • Democratizing the climate debate and land reforms
  • Universal access to clean, renewable energy;

National workshop held in Kinshasa

National workshop on the elaboration of the national energy policy of the DRC, the ACEDH and the Dynamique POLe plead for a universal access to affordable, reliable, clean, renewable, sustainable energy in a decentralized approach, with options favorable to climate justice, development at the base

Symposium held in Beni

Symposium with judicial actors (civil and military magistrates, inspectors, lawyers) from Beni, Butembo, Lubero and Kanyabayonga on the fight against poaching, illegal wildlife trafficking through law enforcement in the Virunga Landscape. With financial support from IFAW and IUCN NL/US funds INL department, collaboration of the military justice of North Kivu and Virunga National Park

Organized by ACEDH

Provincial consultation on the national energy policy and access to energy for all from North Kivu, held in Goma, Bakanja hotel, within the framework of the Dynamique POLe, financial support from 11hour Project

Our Partners

Congolese Alert for the Environment and Human Rights relies on local, public, national and international partners for the success of our activities and the achievement of our objectives