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THE ACEDH: created in 2008, in North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is an organization for the safeguard of the environment and human rights which has for vision we rest our actions on community pillars centered on the land governance, fight against the impunity of the exploitation and illicit traffic of the wild fauna and flora, advocacy and policy influence on legal and institutional reforms in nature conservation, land governance, forest governance, wildlife protection, access and securing local land rights, protection of land rights and environmental defenders, green agricultural investments, energy governance and access to justice. In the concern to put legal and community knowledge for the protection of nature and the rights of the poorest.

The securing of the land heritage of local communities, the protection of land and environmental rights defenders are key factors for the preservation of the environment and human rights in a region where land is the main resource of community members. It is within this framework that we carry out various support and advocacy activities in favor of the fight against the exploitation and illegal trafficking of wildlife, maintaining the integrity of national parks and forests against the exploitation and extraction of oil and related aspects.

The ACEDH is the first civil society organization in North Kivu to set up a Green Lawyers Task Force to ensure a legal defense in favor of the fauna and flora saved in collaboration with the Virunga National Park. It also engaged a partnership with the armed forces of the DRC, via the Division of Civic Education, Patriotic and Social Action SCAS for a mobilization of the elements of the army in full military operation for an ecological patriotism aiming at protecting the wild fauna and flora of the Virunga National Park.

Through its vision, Congolese Alert for the Environment and Human Rights (ACEDH) envisions a more just world where people and their environment are at the center of governance and decision making. ACEDH campaigns for the protection of the environment and human rights, focusing on environmental justice, community-based protection of conservation areas, and accountable and transparent governance of land, fisheries and energy.

ACEDH's interventions focus on:

  • Enforcement of wildlife laws;
  • Real estate sector;
  • Energy;
  • Natural Resources and Environment;
  • Protection of DDHE and DDF;

The ACEDH applies a juridical-socio-anthropological approach for the social, economic, environmental, pro-poor and pro-nature safeguard in the service of humanity.

Our Partners

Congolese Alert for the Environment and Human Rights relies on local, public, national and international partners for the success of our activities and the achievement of our objectives